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Ludi - Baby bowling - Cat

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"Everyone enjoys a game of skittles, and this set has been specially designed so that children aged 10 months and over can join in the fun. Baby bowling ""Cats"" is 5 pins shaped like fun characters and 1 ball. Made of soft plastic for a more agreeable texture and an easy hand hold.  Like bowling, baby will knock the pins down with the ball!   With a ball that looks like it belongs in a bowling alley, your baby can become a real champion: as they learn to aim, roll the ball and knock the skittles over, they are quietly improving their coordination and motor skills. This is a quiet early learning toy that is sure to attract your baby’s attention without annoying the neighbours!   For children aged 10 months and up. Pin height : 15 cm. 100% PVC. Can be washed with lukewarm water and soap."

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Anbefalet alder: 6-12 måneder, 1-3 år

Mærke: Ludi

SKU: LUD00007