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Ludi - Baby Sensory awakening set

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"A complete set to awaken baby senses. First of all, explore 6 flexible and colourful blocks to stack and connect for amazing constructions! This educational puzzle helps cultivate the imagination of curious little minds. Over time, children will learn to recognize numbers, animals, objects, geometric shapes and patterns on the sides of the blocks.  And that’s not all! A set of 6 small sensory balls in bright pretty colours will intrigue baby. Whether ribbed, smooth or bumpy, all of the balls stimulate the sense of touch, dexterity and coordination in baby’s movements. Sensory balls can be used to play lots of different games.  There are also small bath toys!  Be a little sprinkler with 2 sprayer animals that squirt water! Baby will be able to engage in delightful water battles at bath time or in the pool! For even more play time, there’s a fun bath book! This soft and flexible book is lovingly illustrated and perfect for little hands that will enjoy turning the curved pages and exploring the illustrations.  Carefully designed for baby’s comfort!  These toys are easy to pick up. This allows children to use the flexibility of their fingers and ability to pick things up, as well as their concentration when stacking things. This will develop dexterity, motor skills, observation and patience.  Made of high-quality, odourless plastic (100% PVC), the toys easily hold up to time and rough handling. Specially designed to crumple so Baby won’t be hurt if they fall on the blocks. Baby can also use these toys to soothe sensitive gums during teething.  Suitable for children from 10 months. Toys included: 6 blocks, 6 balls, 2 sprayers , 1 bath book. Composition: 100% PVC . Wash blocks and balls with a damp cloth. Drain bath toys after use and regularly rinse/wash with clean water."

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Anbefalet alder: 6-12 måneder, 1-3 år

Mærke: Ludi

SKU: LUD00001