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Ludi - Bath gears

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"This bath game stimulates children's creativity while teaching them about cause and effect. Young children will have hours of fun discovering all the possible combinations with the different parts provided! Each gear has a different pattern that gives striking visual effects when they are all rotated together.  Designed with small hands in mind, the parts are made of hard plastic with rounded edges. By manipulating the gears, this game develops children’s coordination... Using suction pads, it is easy to fix the gears to the walls of the bathtub or the tiles. Strong and practical, they can also detach to become independent toys.  Suitable for children over 18 months. Diameter of the gears: Dia. 11.7 cm and Dia. 8.5 cm. Drain toys after use and regularly rinse/wash with clean water."

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Anbefalet alder: 1-3 år, 3-5 år

Mærke: Ludi

SKU: LUD00013