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Ludi - Easy-Grip Ball

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"Learn how to roll a ball, throw it and catch it with this easy-to-grip and easy-to-handle grasping ball. The grabbing ball awakens children's curiosity and encourages them to move around. Made of soft fabric, its bright and contrasting colours accentuate its particular shape, which prevents it from rolling too far. Baby will take pleasure in grasping it and will be attracted by the harmonious little bell or the sound of crumpled paper.  The 12 pads, suitable for small hands, make it easy for babies and toddlers to grab it. Easy to handle, it stimulates the sense of touch, dexterity and coordination of movements. Baby exercises hands, legs and eyesight in this way.  While growing up, Baby will be able to throw and catch the ball easily, kick it, run after it, sit down on it and jump over it. Exploring the many ups, downs and bumps, will help to strengthen Baby’s wrists and fine motor skills.  Ball adapted for children from 6 months of age. Diameter: 15 cm. A fabric ball made of cotton and polyester. Hygiene guaranteed with this washable ball, which can be washed in cold water."

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Anbefalet alder: 6-12 måneder, 1-3 år

Mærke: Ludi

SKU: LUD00006