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Ludi - Water circuit

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"This aquatic construction game is full of ways to liven up bath time! Comes with a whole network of pipes equipped with taps and many activities for exploring the effects of water. There won’t be any boredom with this toy.  When the child pours the water into the reservoir and opens the taps, the whole circuit activates! Galopin, the little diving rabbit, shows which direction the water is flowing. Baby will have fun watching the ball go up in the capsule that indicates the water level. They will play with the water turning the mill and get watered with the little flower. With help from their parents, children will also be able to close one of the three taps so that the related activity stops working. Through play, they’ll learn that one action can lead to another.  A game that evolves  The 14 parts are interchangeable and allow children to create their own course. As they grow, they’ll love to think about how to design and build unusual configurations of their water circuit. An imaginary world.  This fun, playful game captivates a child’s attention. It’s the perfection opportunity for children to hone their dexterity, develop their observation skills, understand cause and effect, and improve their vocabulary!  Using suction cups, it’s easy to attach the circuit to the bathtub walls or the tiles. It’s strong and practical, so it can also be detached and used as a toy by itself.  Suitable for children over 18 months of age. Pack contents: 1 reservoir with suction cups + 1 connector + 3 taps + 6 pipes + 1 transparent capsule with ball level + 1 mill + 1 “sprinkler head” flower. Composition: Acrylonitrile Butadiène Styrène (ABS) Dimensions: 13 x 13 x 9.5 cm. Drain toys after use and regularly rinse/wash with clean water."

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Anbefalet alder: 6-12 måneder, 1-3 år, 3-5 år

Mærke: Ludi

SKU: LUD00012