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Ludi - Oval exercise ball

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"This exercise ball is ideal for practicing some gymnastics or yoga at home!  Ergonomic the ""Oval"" exercise ball can be played with in many ways and helps of the dexterity, develops your baby's coordination and motor function. The ball stimulates touch receptors, which helps babies improve their sense of balance when they are first learning to walk. Whithe non-slip striations give a better grip of the ground, it is Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.  This outdoors toy is intended to for children aged 2 years and up. Diameter : 36cm, lenght: 76cm. Maximum weight : 50 kg. Composition 100 % PVC. Wipe clean with a damp cloth. Inflate using a balloon needle and manual inflator (not included)."

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Anbefalet alder: 1-3 år, 3-5 år

Mærke: Ludi

SKU: LUD00003